Monday, April 12, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This weekend was a beautiful weekend. On Saturday we went to Super Wal-Mart (does anyone else feel depressed when they go into Wal-Mart?), Menard's, Blain's, and Woodman's. All places that are probably owned by some old white guy. Not exciting, but it's so nice to have those errands out of the way.

Sunday we went back to Menard's and, fueled by ample amounts of Taco Bell, started our raised garden plot!

This is Blue
This is Blue's tennis ball
This is Blue's tennis ball in our new garden plot

I'm so excited to green up my thumb and cook with garden-fresh veggies. Our soon-to-be garden will consist of:

Carnival Sweet Peppers - I'm really excited about these.
Summer Squash

All of this was made possible by Z's new toys: a circular saw and a power drill. I will never understand the longing that comes over him whenever we pass by the tool section at the store, but he was more than giddy to bring these new pals home.

Sunday wasn't all about getting things. There was a little loss involved, too. My voice, to be exact. I woke up to find it lowered and raspy, and when I would try to sing in the car it would abruptly cut out when I tried to hit certain keys. This could be a good thing for anyone in the car - or within a 10 foot radius of it - because those notes where I cut out were bound to not be pretty. Strange thing is, I actually like it. It's just like getting a hair cut or wearing a new outfit - it's something that forces you to see yourself in a different light and whether you like to begin with or not, it starts to grow on you.

At work and on the phone, me and my new voice think through things a little bit slower instead of jumping to quick answers the way me and my higher-pitched and, in my opinion, annoying voice would. My raspy voice says to slow down, things aren't so dire. My raspy voice doesn't laugh as nervously as my other voice does. But, alas, my raspy voice is only renting my vocal chords for the time being and the lease will soon be up.

This all sounds ridiculous, I'm sure. But think about it, doesn't wearing something fancy make you feel fancy? Don't you hold your head in a different way with a new shade of lip stick, or handle things differently with a manicure? It's the same idea, except it's my voice we're talking about here, people.

Once it goes back to normal I will be a little sad, but hopeful that I'll be able to transfer my raspy voice ways to my regular voice ways. I've tried to change many of my habits though, and have not found lots of success. My habits usually only change of their own accord and are often resistant to purposeful alterations. Maybe I need to stop this "find yourself" crap and just be. Seems like it's less a waste of time.

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