Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coming Round the Corner

It feels like fall today, and I am cautious in saying that I enjoy it. Right now the windows are cracked and there is a cool breeze sifting through the solar shades. I love it when I can feel just right with a fluffy blanket over my legs. I love it when sweaters become part of my regular rotation and my jeans don't stick to my legs from the heat. I love it when the proper manicuring of my toenails isn't something that needs to be constantly monitored (no summer talons). I love the feeling of going back to school, even though I won't be this semester.

But Labor Day is still around the bend, and that is the true declaration of the end of summer. It is also a big family holiday - all of Z's brothers, their girlfriends, and his dad are going to be joining us in WI that weekend for the Taste of Madison (cookie dough eggrolls, anyone?). All weekends seem to be about eating. But Labor Day weekend will also be about family and good company and getting out around town. There are still so many things about Madison that we have yet to discover.

Labor Day is in the future, though, so what's now? Project Runway, that's what. Do you watch? There are few shows that I tune in to watch each week, but the fashion ones always seem to be the ones that get me. And on Project Runway you are guaranteed to see these things:
  • The retro designer whose inspiration I share
  • The extremely eccentric guy with some crazy version of a mohawk
  • The hetero guy who gives his model creepy, I'm-attracted-to-you-but-I'm-a-professional stare
  • The guy who thinks he's better than everyone. What am I talking about, there's usually several contestants like that. And they're not only guys
And if those things don't get you, there's always Tim Gunn. How can you not love Tim Gunn?

Mmm, I just got a whiff of a cool breeze! It reminds me of the last good whiff of B-Girl stinks that I got days after she had passed. There was no breeze that day, and I don't think the windows were even open, but there was the good strong smell of 8 year old black lab kicked up when I sat down on our old couch. Who would have ever thought that the smell of a dog could be so good.

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