Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bye Porkies, Hello Drivers

I've realized that it's going to take me way too long to put up all my Porkies pics through Blogger, so if your curiosity is getting the best of you and you just HAVE to see what Jojo did on her summer vacation, visit me on FaceBook. I bet you'll like it. However, I'll give you one of our last pics of the weekend: Me taking a picture of myself enjoying a traditional pasty. After three days of camping, although we ate well, it was the best thing that I'd eaten. Ever.

I took another mini-vacation this weekend for Zach's family reunion, Teagierella's 2nd birthday party, and my 10 year high school reunion. No boredom to be had over those three days! The family reunion was a weekend-long tan/swim/eat/drink session with good company and lots of laughs. Teagie's birthday was sick with cuteness, squishies, and laps around Thurston Woods Timbers. The reunion was much more fun that I would have imagined and a surprisingly good time.

Metter, Marci, and me. No joke.

The class picture 10 years later

There I am!
I am happy to say that I got to fit everything I wanted to do last weekend into last weekend. I even had breakfast with a friend that I haven't seen since my wedding. Of course, it was a consumption-centered three days for me between the family reunion, Teagie's party and just being home in general, and I'm paying for it now - how long does it take for stretch marks to form? Like that would ever stop me. I'm like cookie monster all the time, but just with food in general. Yum yum yum.

Although last weekend was a success, I do have a little love note to pass on to our fellow drivers:

Dear people we shared the road with this weekend,

I don't want to shake my fist and swear at you for the 4.5 hours it takes to drive from Madison to home, but you make it hard to do otherwise. I used to love playing Leap Frog, but I don't want to play that with you on the road.

Any why do you hang out in the left lane a.k.a. passing lane when the only thing you're passing are trees and the occassional farm animal? I'm pretty sure those things don't count. Well, the cows count but only when you're playing the animal counting game.

I am also guilty of talking on my cell phone when driving, but texting? Really? I'm glad that your thumbs are so swift and adept on your qwerty keyboard, and that Tom or Tina knows that you feel like Taco Bell for dinner, but I'm pretty sure Taco Bell isn't going anywhere. They sell 4th meals, for godssake. They'll be there for you at any hour of the night.

Thank you for reading my letter and helping me keep Z's blood pressure within a normal range. I would love to not have to use the word "agro" when describing Z's mood on the road. We would both appreciate it.



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Nina said...

That was actually a very nice letter. I would've dropped the F-bomb a couple dozen times.