Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Porkies: Day 2

(What am I doing to the right of the car? Props
to anyone who knows, 'cause I sure don't)
This is what we call home in the Porkies: Campsite 95
Home of the heat-sucking fire pit. If you like fire with all the smoke but none of the heat, this is your place!

One day, Zach Jojo, Chub and Jess decided to go to a magical place called Lake of the Clouds. With such a heavenly name, they imagined quite a climb to get to this elevated oasis, but they ignored the signs that told them otherwise.

Particularly the one that told them it was only 300 feet away.

But they still enjoyed its beauty and the perfect combination of sunshine and breeze that made their hike that much better and the day that much more memorable.

They stopped to appreciate the scenery along the way, like two weather-beaten trees, barren, but still cluching to the ground below them while the endless sky remains out of their grasp.

There were many decisions to be made along the way.

And they trekked on for miles and miles. But they had more to do that day, so they said good by to the Lake of the Clouds and headed back to the cars to trade in the dirt trail...

For the sandy beach.

It was cold in the big lake, and some of them were timid at first. Toes snuggled in hiking socks and warm from movement shivered in the fresh water. Others jumped right in.

But the sunglight continued to warm them, even over the breezes blowing over the lake, and they warmed up to the cool water.

I would even daresay some of them loved it. And kept loving it. And wouldn't stop loving it because the water meant an almost endless game of fetch. As long as there was an exposed hand and a water-washed stick, there was a dog trying to get it thrown back into the water.

To be continued...

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