Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Muffin Toppin'

I picked Rado up early from Jean's today and had some lofty goals for our extra time together: make a batch of chocolate chip banana muffins and do a yoga video. Connor gave a decisive "Yesh" (he hasn't mastered "Yes" just yet but he has "No" down pat) when asked if he wanted to do both of these things, but, well, the best laid plans...

On the first point, our muffins turned out beautifully. Connor measured out the flour - a messy endeavor - while I mixed the ingredients up, and he added in the chocolate chips before I poured the batter into the muffin tin. Thirty-four minutes later we had these beauties to (see below. I've been posting from my phone and it kicks all my media to the bottom of the entry. I have much to learn). We split one warm, fresh muffin and kept both of us out of the kitchen until dinnertime lest we ruin our appetites for anything besides fruit and chocolate. 'Rad is looking for ways to assert his independence and helping me bake - while a bit messy - was pretty simple and fun. We'll definitely be whipping up more lovin' from the oven.

Yoga started out well enough. While sitting cross-legged the little man found a comfortable seat between my legs. It was all well and good until I actually had to move. Next thing I know I'm getting a phone dropped on my face, a toddler trying to sit on my chest while trying to chill in bridge pose, and numerous punches and assaults waged on my boobs. We had fun, though, even if very little true yoga was performed. I shouldn't have expected any less, that little turkey.

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