Monday, November 12, 2012


Saturday was so...ugh. After working my first weekend in literally years, Z thought it would be nice for us all to go out to dinner, poor misguided soul. While we waited almost 30 minutes for our food, I followed Connor's quick little toddler feet as he toured the restaurant. As he ran down a narrow passageway next to a table chockful of people and babies, he tripped and started wailing. Silence.  All eyes on us.  I clumsily picked him and his scattered sweet potato puffs up off the floor, soothing him on the way back to our table. When I got there, Z asked, incredulously, "Is he BLEEDING?" Indeed he was. He must have bit his lip when he fell and had blood all over his face and my sleeve. I grabbed a burpy, cleaned Connor up in the bathroom, and came back to the table where we never got the beers we ordered (I can't think of a night that I wanted a beer more), 'Rad's food was wrong, Z got 6 fries with his burger, and my food was messed up.  Luckily, by the end of our meal, Connor was feeling better and back to flirting with the restaurant patrons, but our night was completely deflated and sour.  It didn't help that I felt people staring at us since 'Rad was in my lap the whole night because the sole high chair in the place was in use.  Mess.

So here we are, Monday night.  Connor's fat lip barely lasted the night on Saturday, we spent all day together yesterday, and we had a good night tonight.  Thank gawd for redemption.  One day can redeem another, one action can redeem another, things can be forgiven, forgotten, and moved on from.  For every day like Saturday when I'm so happy to go to sleep, there are days like yesterday and today where I'm happy to wake up.

Connor already knows the magic of an undisturbed pile of leaves
Ready for a wagon walk on Sunday afternoon
Just being cool.  Just being 'Rado

To ease the mounting pain of putting Connor in his carseat, we've made a big change: the car seat turn around.  That's right, mah baby is in a forward-facing car seat now.  He still fights when we put him in it and it's only been a couple of days, but I think he likes knowing what's going on.  On our inaugural forward-facing car seat ride, his eyes were glued on the world passing by outside his window.  I can only imagine how boring it would be to stare at the backside of a car seat for any amount of time.  One more step to big boyhood, 'Rado!

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