Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Move

Tomorrow is my last day of work before the moving melee begins.  So much has happened since my last post and despite my best intentions to log them they've all flow by.  And here we are.  We are leaving Madison in four days.  I don't know how I'm feeling, but I think Connor knows something's afoot.  I've already cried once at work and again when I picked 'Rad up from daycare.  I'm going to miss Amy.  I'm going to miss so much more than I thought I would when all I could think about was being closer to my family.  I'm going to miss all of the food.  I guess I had more friends here than I thought.  I'll miss all of the action at the capitol.  I'll miss our first house and the home we've built here.

I imagined writing a detailed list of each and every thing that I'll miss, but it's everything.  It wasn't perfect here and it won't be perfect in Michigan.  When we move and settle in I'll be able to write a list of everything I love about being so close to family and back in the original mitten (nice try, Wisconsin, but Michigan is the original hand warmer).  But for now I'm waiting for my sentimental heart to burst and the tears to flow.  It's going to happen.  I just don't know when and that's what's making me so anxious.  It's not the physical process of moving or transitioning to a whole new deal, it's not knowing when the mental stress of those things will knock me on my ass and for how long.

'Rad, I hope that you handle this move and the change well.  I know you're a baby and all, but as such you have the luxury of not knowing what's going on and how truly stressful these situations can be.  Or maybe that's even more reason for you to stress out.  Either way, let's keep your chill 'tude in check because you're going to need it when Lola attacks you with kisses and talks so loud you'll want headphones even though you  don't know what they are yet.

Have you moved with a baby?  Have any pointers?  If you've been holding your tongue so as not to provide unsolicited child-rearing advice, now is the time to let it fly!

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Anonymous said...

Being close to family will be so wonderful and the tears will dry up in no time. Best of luck and drive safe! (I did the whole drive when we moved from Toronto to Minneapolis and it was grueling.)