Monday, May 07, 2012

Settling Down

As much as I denounce baby comparisons, I can't help but make them.  There has been a veritable baby boom around these parts (and the world, seemingly), so there are just so damn many babies to compare my 'Rad-a-dude to. What am I "worried" about?  That he's a back-scooting non-conversation having no sign-languaging doing squirmy bundle of awesomeness.  Yes, I realize how ridiculous that sentence is.  The kid is barely a week over 8-months old and I'm already kvetching that his only form of mobility is to push himself backwards in a frustrated attempt to get closer to the things in front of him.  That's right, I'm "worried" that we don't have nonsensical babbling conversations and that in the few inconsistent times I've signed "more" and "all done" for Connor, he hasn't picked it up yet or even attempted to make such hand gestures.  This is exactly why I have this blog - because writing these whirring thoughts down helps me see how asinine and utterly ree-dic-you-lous they are.  Sure, I could've kept the crazy to myself and put this down in a diary or a journal, but this is about letting it all hang out.  It's done been hung.

I have those unfair thoughts, but then Connor goes and pulls himself to standing all on his own.  My man.  

Sunday he took a reasonable 45-minute nap (because Z and I drove around town, taking as long as possible to drive home after getting 'Rad to fall asleep) in the car.  Being in a decent mood yet a little clingy, I put him on the patio furniture, one of his happy places.  After a few failed attempts, the man pulled himself to standing on one of our extremely safe, completely not wobbly patio chairs that definitely doesn't swivel or pivot in any way.

The lucky little guy gets to scale small and not-so-small mountains every day, constantly seeing the world from viewpoints previously unseen, shoving things in his mouth that have never been tasted (do you know what your sock tastes like?).  I think it's so cheesey when people wax poetic about learning things from their baby every day, but it's just so true.  And on days when I don't learn anything from 'Rad, I could have if I just opened my eyes and stopped clenching down on my to-do list, clenching my jaws, and holding all the tension on my shoulders.  Ever wonder why your shoulders hurt when your tense?  I'm pretty sure it's because all of the weight you've been carry around up there.  Hows about we put the weight down (I don't care if you think it's going to help get your thighs toned and back to pre-baby shape), give ourselves and everyone else a smile, and learn something.

What I learned today: That I really need to learn something each day, because this is the best I can do for today.  Wah wah wahhh.

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Emilie & Eric said...

If you want a baby comparison, I have another friend with an eight month old (there was a baby boom in MI too) who scoots backwards too instead of crawling forwards. She said that he scoots away from his toys, because that's the only way he knows how to move, and then gets upset because he can't reach the toys he's just crawled away from. I'm pretty sure you already know that there is no exact benchmark for when your little man should be doing the checkmark list of things he's supposed to do (don't they usually say "around x months" anyway?). I can't say I won't have the same concerns some day, so know that in comparison to other moms, you're probably right on schedule. :)