Monday, May 28, 2012

Milestones, Eat My Dust

We have been hitting milestones like crazy, I don't even know where to start or when it all really started, so we'll start with this:

We had to lower the crib last week.  Connor had been sitting up in it, waking himself up in this new position from which he didn't know how to lay down, and the fear of him possibly falling over the edge started to present itself to me over and over.  So we lowered the crib.  Now, he wakes himself up by standing in the crib and not knowing how to lay back down.  But at least he's safely contained and just needs us to put him on his back to fall back asleep.  Lowering it seemed like such a big deal and is still a little new to me, but I think Connor likes being able to get up and see what's going around him. He especially likes to see us walking in the door so he can put on his best smile before being picked up.

This weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, was a big one for him.  Z's brothers came up to visit with their girls in tow and we had two full days with them.  On Saturday he was out and about with us, sleeping in his stroller while we enjoyed dinner until after 9 p.m.  Total rockstar.  Yesterday we walked around the square, hopped in the car for some winery action, and had a couple of glasses, some stinky cheese and crackers, and fruit in the shade.  The kid was just so awesome the entire time.  'Rad, you were awesome the entire time.
Me loving my 'Rad kid at the winery

While we were sitting down enjoying our snacks and wine he was fed fruits like a king.  But the do-it-yourselfer that he is, he took matters into his own hands and ate his first strawberry (only the second fruit that he's ever eaten whole, after bananas).

In between all that, his uncles taught him how to high-five, took him for numerous walks where he was doing the walking and they were providing the firm finger supports, and were there, which was nice.  It's nice to have a good crew to go out and do things with to make life feel "normal," even if you don't normally go out and do lots of things.  We ate well, got out, had some drinks, and had an awesome, no-worries kid along for the ride.  I'm not duped into thinking that he will always be this way, but Lord knows I'm enjoying what he's giving us right now.

Earlier tonight I told Z that everything about 'Rad just kills me.  When he was just sitting up in his crib - before he was standing up in it - it killed me because my little boy was getting bigger.  Getting bigger means that my little little baby was going away.  Every new phase means that the thing before it is gone even though it's all still 'Rad.  That's what kills me; the closing of one chapter, even though the next chapter is always exciting and more of a nail-biter than the first.  Connor, here's to a lifetime of new chapters, excitement, and the occasional nail-biter.  Keep in mind that your mom's a worrier, so take it easy on me, 'k?

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