Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Moms of the world, happy Mother's Day!  Today was my first, and I started it off with not telling my mom "Happy Mother's Day."  Instead, I was so consumed with the fact that I've never been a mother on Mother's Day that I made it about me as a mom and no one else.  Epic fail.  I finally remembered to utter those three words to her by 2:00 in the afternoon and I still feel terrible about it.  Mom, even though I know you're not reading this, I meant to wish you the happiest of Mother's Days when the clock struck midnight last night.  Unfortunately, my intentions got caught up in my web of me-ness and I didn't utter those words until the day was half over.  I love you, lady!

It's amazing how many people I have to wish "Happy Mother's Day" to this year as opposed to 5 years ago.  I was texting like crazy this morning and hopefully I didn't miss anyone in my contacts list (I rarely use my phone for actually talking to people anymore.  That's so early 2000s).  I wish we could all raise our kids together like tribes used to do.  We could support each other by means other than digital ones; we could watch each other's kids instead of only seeing photos or Facebook posts of them and we could ease each other's racing newly-parental (or not-so-newly-parental) minds when we're not sure how to sleep train or what to do with a feisty five-year old.  But since our tribes are spread out all across the country and raising children is such a personal thing, I'll have to make do with texting and the occasional phone call, IMing, and creating photo books, all of which I'll do ferverently in an attempt to feel connected to those who are too far away to sit down and chat with.

I had a wonderful first Mother's Day.  I spent it in with my mom and dad and one of my sisters and her family.  We played Scrabble, ate an unbelievable brunch (detox, here we come!), and made a stop at Target before going our separate ways.  Connor was a champion the whole time.  He chatted, pulled himself up a few times, and didn't mind it when my sister's kids, "the Crazies" as we call them, swarmed around him like honey.  On the drive home he stayed awake for almost three hours - the longest he's ever stayed awake in the car.  We're pretty low tech when it comes to travel, but this little number saved me from having to entertain a strapped-in baby in the back seat for the full 3 hours.  'Rad, thank you for making me a real mother this year (no offense, Blue Boy).  Love you, dude!

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