Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Vogue

This weekend was the first full weekend I've been home without anything "unusual" going on since Italy and I felt entirely out of practice.  Yesterday was good - Z had class in the morning and 'Rad and I hung out, played around, and he took a nap that was a little over an hour long.  When Z came home we did our usual errands, fed the little dude, and put him to bed early because he refused to take his afternoon nap (which I messed up for him by getting him royally off schedule).

Today Z woke up with him, we had our coffee and cinnamon rolls while watching CBS Sunday morning, I played with 'Rad while he did some yard work, we took a family walk, then Z continued to work on the house while I tried to keep 'Rad entertained.  I ran out of good ideas around noon.  It didn't help that his afternoon nap was only 30 minutes long because I had to really tap into my reserves, which just meant more games of peek-a-boo, extra tummy time, and carrying him around the kitchen naming appliances and running his hands under the water in the sink.  But we made our way out to the porch, where the air was cool but the sun out and warming.

Thankfully the day turned out so clear because today was Connor's first photo shoot.  Nicole of Nicole Kuehl Photography came to the house, patiently directed us, and did't laugh at Z and my failed attempts to make our nap-deprived baby smile.  That happened at 4 pm.  Within hours I had all of our digital proofs back, with gems like these:

Is it wrong that looking at those pictures makes me want to eat my own kid because he's just so yummy?  Be that as it may, I can't change how I feel.  Num num num.

A quick jump back to Connor's napping issues during the weekends: Why?  He seems to sleep well at Amy's, but on the weekends I'm lucky to get a nap over 60 minutes out of the little bugger.  Is there just so much more going on at daycare than there is here that it really zonks him out?  Or does it have to do with the fact that during the day, in spite of the homemade curtains in his room, it really isn't that dark?  I'm open to any probable causes and suggested solutions!

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