Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rock Star Sunday

I'm amazed at how much gumption we have, how much get-up-and-go is hiding in there, only to drop into the abyss of exhaustion when the wheels have a chance to stop turning.  That's what happened to me today.  I got to sleep in (thank you, Z-man), we went out to breakfast at the never-disappointing Pancake Cafe, spent way more money than planned at Target, then came home and kept on going. Homework, housework, cleaning baby bottles, trying to put away the contraptions and toys that 'Rad's outgrown, trimming up the hedges and doing some light landscaping - there was just so much to do.  And when it was all said and done and Z was back in the house after mowing and trimming and playing with the dog, I just felt my mood drop and the energy just
Instead of trying to continue the momentum, for the past hour or so I've made the couch my home base and mama it feels good!

I'm thankful that 'Rad let us do so much today.  He was a rock star in his high chair at breakfast, and he was just as awesome in the store with only a 30-minute nap in the car.  While we were outside, he sat in his little rocker in the shade of the only tree in our front yard.  I brought a toy out for him, and while we were trimming hedges and pulling weeds I sneaked peeks of him looking up into the tree and the sky, reaching over and picking up the toy that had seemingly fallen out of his reach, and mussing around with the dried hydrangea head I gave him and my heart was bursting.  That kid could straighten his elbow out after having bent it and I would melt. Each day I battle against my natural instincts to spoil him while not feeling like I'm trying to hold back how much I love him. At this age, everyone says that you can't spoil a baby, but I'm just practicing for the future because it's going to be haaa-aard for me to not just give that kid everything he asks for that I can provide.

For the past couple of weeks we've been trying to introduce the sippy cup to 'Rad. We haven't tried to hard, and he's taken to it inconsistently.  I really want him to latch on to it, but I know it's going to take a while.  'Rad's progression of liquid feeding has moved from
breastfeeding -> bottle feeding while he's reclined -> to him holding the bottle in that position -> him wanting to take the bottle sitting up straight -> him taking the bottle reclined but not wanting to hold it (what happened there?) -> me really wanting him to learn to feed himself, in whatever form that might be.  In a nutshell, the sippy cup ain't going nowhere, so get used to it, 'Radboy.

Guilty pleasure:  I just discovered this tonight by accident, but Niecy Nash has a new reality TV show.  Ok, ok, I'm not fan of reality TV either, but I love Niecy Nash in all of her boisterous foolishness (I feel like that's something she'd say).  She was the best part of "Clean House," and so far I still think she's hilarious.

Shameless plug: mark Help Wanted Anti-Acne Exfoliating Cleanser.  I put product in my hair one day this week (and didn't wash it out a couple days later *looksaroundshiftily*) and suddenly a crop of unwanted visitors thought my forehead would be a great place to put up shop.  "Not so fast!" this cleanser says.

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