Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Welcome" Weekend

On Friday I had my first taste of leaving work early to pick up a sick kid from daycare.  It was another "welcome to the club" moment.  'Rad had acquired a small cough on Thursday night and on Friday it was still hanging around.  Regardless, he seemed to be in good spirits.  Before noon, I got a call from Amy telling me that my little man had thrown up all of his lunch and was running a mild fever.  After talking to the nurse at his pediatrician's office and deciding that I should just watch him and not bring him in, I headed out of work to pick the 'Rad-a-dude up from Amy's house.  We spent the rest of Friday at home in our pjs where I wiped his dripping little nose and paced the small path around the living room, kitchen, down the hallway and back.

I usually let Connor "figure it out" when it comes to going down for his naps, but I couldn't bear to hear his hoarse little cry since he wasn't feeling well, so he napped on my arm while I dripped soup and noodles all over his blanket in my attempt to eat ramen with one hand.  And so the rest of this weekend has gone.  His fever has moved along but a little cough remains, leaving his usually hearty cry a small whimper.  But he's been playing on his own, babied all weekend long, and hopefully will be close to 100% after a good night's rest.  We did a couple of steam sessions in the bathroom where I read and reread him his two new chubby board Dr. Seuss books (only $3.50 at Walmart!) - Hop on Pop and Oh the Thinks You Can Think! - and played in the mirror.  Even when that kid is sick he's delicious, albeit a little snotty.

Because most of our time, attention, and limbs were tied up in caring for 'Rad, this guy got a bit of the shaft this weekend:

I would never say that since having a baby Blue has become "just a dog" or a lesser part of our family, but he definitely doesn't get all the fawning over that he's become so accustomed to.  At his worst, he's an annoying pain in the ass, but that's not bad considering that he's a dog and could be aggressive or really malicious towards us or the 'Rad.  I don't believe that's in his nature, though.  He truly is a lover (and just an occasional fighter) and he just wants people to love him back, the way he loves them.  I love the way he loves 'Rad.

So after Connor has been put to bed and Blue has been fed and, time allowing, walked, there's little time for me, as all you mothers and caretakers know.  These days, time for me means time for a shower and to say "hello" to you.  I try to sneak some "me" time into my moments with 'Rad when I can.  I finished Buddhism for Mothers this weekend and moved on to Tina Fey's book, so after Hop on Pop and Oh the Thinks You Can Think!, we snuck in a few paragraphs of Bossypants.  Connor will never know that when he was 6-months old I read him a page about Tina Fey's adolescence and the party she attended where a gay friend came out to all of the guests and a couple of girls started making out.  When again am I supposed to start watching my language around my kid?

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