Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today, Connor is 6 Months

An ooshy letter to my 'Rad, who is 6 months old today:

'Rad as a tiny


Today you can stand, roll, smile, grab things, shake things, drool on things, chew on things, grab your feet, see us from a distance, sing with Katy Perry, laugh at barking dogs, eat solid food, (practically) hold your own bottle, and as of today, put in your own pacifier in (it only happened once, but it counts!) - all things that your little 0-month self never dreamed of and that I could never imagine you doing when you were first born.

I can't believe how far you've come and how big you are (around 15.5 pounds is my guess).  Most of all, I can't believe that you're my baby.  My 'Rad-a-dude.  My Connor.  My chunky wunkerson.  My squish face.  My little boy.  My little boy.  You are a miracle to me every day, even when I'm at work and you're at daycare, in my mind you're still amazing and doing mind-blowing things like downing a container of bananas or laughing when Amy calls you a "little turkey."

Your smiley face gets me every time, especially how your squint as the corners of your mouth rise.  I love your chubby little wrists and how your socks won't stay on because you have no ankles to speak of.  You may have moved past the George Kostanza phase with your hair, but you're still working on filling in the top and sides with that soft, dark baby down.

You've started to put your elbows out when we put you in the car seat (a trick I'm not particularly fond of), but I'll take that as a sign of your growing cognitive capabilities - when you don't want to get in that carseat you make us work for it.  And I hope that trick of putting your own baba back in sticks, because it would make our lives easier than you know, and ease is what mom and dad are all about these days (hence the dirty house - it's just easier not to clean it right now).  Today you rode the entire way home from daycare hanging onto one of the toys suspended from your car seat handle.  I'm not sure why, but I thought it was the cutest thing I'd seen up until that point.

Bring on 6 more months, 6 more years, 6 more decades and more of my 'Rad-a-dude.  Your dad and I will do our best to cultivate your best abilities for endless possibilities of the life you want to lead.  Love you, baby boy!


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Diana said...

Happy half year birthday!