Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lessons Not Learned

We still haven't learned that telling someone that 'Rad is a "good baby" or that he's been "easy on us" is a surefire way to bring out the beastie in him.  Right now, for example, after my turn at trying to calm him down and get him to go back to sleep after a tentative 20 minute nap that was a struggle to get him to take in the first place, Z is holding a blanket-wrapped Connor on the coach watching an episode of Futurama that he's seen numerous times before.  Our pride just doesn't seem to allow us to keep to ourselves the fact that we really do believe 'Rado is a good baby and that he truly has been easy on us.  I have no fear telling you this now because we already shot ourselves in the foot for today.

Thankfully, 'Rad doesn't seem to throw fits when everything is hunky-dory and he's had a "typical day."  No, today wasn't typical.  The beautiful weather wasn't typical for February in Wisconsin, so us taking Blue to the park to play fetch wasn't the norm, either.  Connor has only been to the park once before, so him going today was unusual, as well as the fact that we ran into a neighbor and ended up chatting for about an hour while 'Rad, in his crunchy outer bear shell, fell asleep in the Baby Bjorn, which he has never ridden in outside face forward until today.  He has had, as if often said with babies, a "big day," so I'm attributing his fussiness to the oversized past 12 hours.

Although 'Rad may need help adjusting to anything against the norm, I enjoy the breaks from routine.  And even though he may have been fussy for the past couple of hours, we had a lot of fun today outside of our unusual experiences.  For example, one of 'Rad's new tricks is yo-yo spit.  It's a great feat, really.  It combines his love of bouncing with his penchant for drooling.  Coaxing out the yo-yo drool is easy, even for the most novice of mothers: bounce him in your lap, and he'll eventually open his mouth with wonder and glee.  That awe-struck mouth will begin to allow a small cascade of drool to flow out which, when combined with the up-and-down motion of bouncing, creates that up-and-down phenomena known as yo-yo spit.  Will that glob of drool retract before smacking you on the cheek, in the hair, on the shirt?  Today was a mix of yeses and nos, but mostly nos (One tip: When done playing, check everywhere in case that yo-yo spit unknowingly made contact with things around you.  Maybe a glob of peach-barley yo-yo spit landed on the couch cushion over your shoulder and you didn't notice it until hours later.  It could happen).

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