Monday, January 09, 2012

Time Warp

For some reason, time has been running away from me quicker than I'm used to.  Evening preparations for the following day and play with the 'Rad eat up most of the time I have at home.  The laundry is sitting, clean and wrinkly, in the hamper in the basement.  I actually have my lunches for the rest of the week packed up in the fridge.  'Rad's bottles for tomorrow are made up and bagged in the fridge for Z to bring to Amy in the morning. And my little guy is fast asleep in his green pajamas with giraffes on the feet, a baby bundle of cuteness splayed out in his crib.  

During the day I think of so many things I want to say to you, but when I get the chance to sit down - if I get the chance to sit down - and tell you all about it, all I can think of is what remains to be done before I go to bed  (giving my teeth a good scrubbing in preparation for my dentist appointment tomorrow) and what awaits me tomorrow (hopefully more motivation at work).  

We did our sleep training today and I think it's getting better both for me mentally and for 'Rad.  We moved up to 10-12-15 minute checks-in when he's crying, and tonight we only had to stop in after 10 minutes to essentially give him is baba.  I think we could avoid the 10 minutes of crying by just popping his baba in and hoping his little mouth holds on to it long enough for him to fall asleep, but I think waiting it out may help with his reliance on that plastic and rubber contraption, which would be a god send for us.  I'm glad that his pacifier pacifies, but good lord child, can you keep it in your mouth long enough to soothe yourself before popping it out and promptly freaking out?  If not, I still love you.  And I love watching your little mouth suck on that baba. It melts my heart and makes me just want to eat you for all the delicious cuteness you're bursting with.

I feel like I haven't taken any pictures of 'Rad in a long time, but it's probably only been five days or so.  And I even bought a scrapbook and a pad of scrap-booking paper this weekend.  It's all with good intent, but we'll see if I make good on it before he turns one or, in the case of my sister, before he turns three (sorry Ann, had to call you out!).  The way things are going, that day will come much quicker than I expect!

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