Friday, January 13, 2012

Night 9 and Teething

Night 9 of sleep training - When we started sleep training, we started an evening nap time routine of changing 'Rad's diaper, reading him a story in the rocking chair, and putting him in his crib.  Last night, Z took care of putting him down for his nap and we heard nary a peep out of him - didn't even have to check on him once.  Tonight, we were both in the nursery while Z read him his story, and we laid him in his crib without a fight.  Since then (it's been almost 2 hours), we've popped in there twice to give him his pacifier, but there hasn't been any real crying.  I like what I'm seeing.

When we picked him up from daycare, Connor was in an outfit different from the one we had dropped him off in.  That usually means a blowout occurred, but today it was a wet diaper.  Our little guy has moved up to size 2 diapers at home, but Amy is trying to use up the remaining size 1s she has left, which I'm cool with.  She also mentioned that he's been drooling.  Lots.

When we brought him home, he continued the oral waterworks.  So, I pulled out a vibrating teether shaped like a bunch of grapes that I've had at the ready for a few weeks.  I worked the bottom grape into his mouth and he started gnawing.  It was like watching someone who's really thirsty finally gulp down a cold glass of water.  After biting down hard enough to make the teether vibrate a few times, a slight look of desperation came over his face, saying, "What is that?" or "Do it again!  Do it again!  Do it now or this lady's gonna hear it about it."  When he pulled away from it, he would go after it with a shaky fervor, his mouth not able to clamp down on the teether quick enough.  I think out little guy is teething.  The 4-month hits just keep on comin'!

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Thien said...

Let the teething fun begin! Be glad that you are no longer breastfeeding! Our nine week old is in size two diapers already but he's a little porker :)