Sunday, January 15, 2012

Misinterpreting and Playing in the Snow

I have been so focused on keeping 'Rad at 2 naps a day (no more, no less), making sure he eats at exactly the same time each day, and ensuring that he naps for 4-5 hours each day that I've lost myself in the process.  Today, Z told me to "Stop worrying about what everyone else says and think about what 'Rad says."  It makes so much sense, but my mind was taking a completely different route before he said it.

I haven't read too much in the way of parenting books, but I've asked for plenty of advice from other people and tried to interpret their words exactly.  Wrong.  I was trying to be a mother but taking myself out of the equation.  From this day forward, I vow to try to parent on my own terms, taking into account but regardless of what other people say and what parenting books and e-mails may tell me.  I let it get to the point today that I didn't want to put 'Rad down for a nap because that would have meant he took 3 naps today instead of just 2.  So freakin' ridiculous.  I'm sorry Connor, can you forgive me?

There was no new snow on the ground today, but the snow from last week was still on the ground and the sun was out, so we all (Z, 'Rad, Blue, and I) spent some playtime in the back yard.  We've been "outside," moving from the car to a store and a store back to the car, but it's been a long time since I've been outside just to play. It was awesome.  We zipped 'Rad up in his snowsuit, armed Blue with enough tennis balls to keep him occupied (until he lost them all in the snow), and properly introduced Connor to the snow,

traveling in adverse weather,

and even got a few good pictures of us with the 'Rad-a-dude, soaking up the rays.

All of the fun and games happened after we went to Target, where we found a new toy to covet on Connor's behalf.  Behold, the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper:

Without a doorway anywhere near the living room, we had to go with an independently-suspended bouncer.  This bad boy should satisfy all of 'Rad's bouncing needs.  We put him in the display model at the store - where a woman promptly commented that that particular model of bouncer must come with a baby - and he contentedly sat in it while we bounced him.  He's a little too short so his feet don't touch the ground when he's in it, but Z came up with the ingenious idea of just putting a box or some other step underneath him so he can bounce at will.  That man is full of good ideas.

We didn't come home with it because, being the bargain hound that I am, I thought that I could get a better deal online or at least score an ebates percentage on it.  Alas, with no free shipping the better deal is at the store.  My goal then for tomorrow is to pick this piece up from the store at lunch so we can give Connor the power to bounce himself.  The only downfall to the whole thing?  Finding room in the living room for it to coexist happily with Blue, the couch, the coffee table, and us.

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