Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Let's Get Physical

For such a young guy, Connor's hands look like they belong to an old man, or at least someone 10 years older than him.  He has a round baby face, those chubby little extremities that are cutest on the under-15 set, and soft, wispy hair, but his hands seem so much more knowing than the rest of him.  Sometimes he balls them into fists, soft yet tightly clenched.  Sometimes they open up and bat at a toy or clench onto a thumb.  Sometimes they're crammed squarely into his mouth and sometimes he sucks on them and licks them like a lolipop.  If hands really are windows to the soul, I think 'Rad might have an old one.  Only time will tell.

While we're on the topic of physical features, 'Rad's nose is often subject to the "did he get it from you or from me?" discussion.  It's amazing and funny how some people will swear up and down that your baby's eyes or smile is totally like his mom's, while someone else will bet their life on the fact that those same attributes came from dad.  I'm terrible at that game.  There is only one feature I feel comfortable owning: While he looks white under the lights, 'Rad's tinge of tan comes from me.  That's it.  His nose, his lips, his thus far laid-back demeanor, does he get that from either of us, or is that all 'Rad?  That's another thing time will have to tell us, greedy secret-hoarder that it is.

'Rado has taken to fighting his naps lately, and oh buddy, I am not a fan.  He used to be such a good sport about them; if he was tired and we put him down for a nap, he'd happily drift off to dreamland while fuzzy visions of his mobile danced above his head.  Tonight though, the moment his little booty hit the crib mattress  he was crying and fighting.  I know the little bugger is tired, so what's the problem?  Amy confirmed that during the day he gets a little "feisty" when nap time rolls around.  Of course, since he was once cool with nap time and isn't now, I'm worried that I did something to condition him to dislike nap time.  Was he not drowsy enough when I put him down for the past few days of naps?  Ugh, motherly guilt and uncertainty, be gone!

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