Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday. Finally!

As happy as I am that it's Friday, thinking about what I'd like to accomplish this weekend makes my head spin.  On the list:
  • Get diapers for 'Rad (I'm afraid that he'll soon be moving up to size 2s and we'll be left with two half-opened boxes of diapers - one at home and one at Amy's)
  • Get 'Rad's first Christmas pictures taken with Santa (preferably a nice, non-mall, relatively clean Santa)
  • Finish putting plastic on the windows
  • Start getting things together for our trip home for the holidays
  • Organize my Avon order, make deliveries, and mail out a few catalogs (want one?  Just let me know!)
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Get a hair cut (I think a new 'do is in order)
  • Take a shower (yes, that needs to be put on the list.  Nowadays, taking a bath feels like an admittedly sporadic luxury)
  • Finish the last cross stitch, frame all three, and wrap them up holiday-style
  • Order and pick up copies of our annual staged holiday photo
  • Write our end-of-the year Christmas card letter
  • Get holiday stamps
  • Take the last three items, stuff them into or apply them onto an envelope along with our Christmas cards, and mail them off into the wild blue yonder.  Or off to MI and CO, at least
  • Will my breakout to go away
  • Trim 'Rad's nails
  • Give the dog a bath
  • Find Z a Christmas gift (so far the only request he's given me was for a Shop Vac.  Needless to say, I'm not giddy with excitement about buying one, but if that's what he wants...
Anything requiring us to leave the house has to be accomplished within the 3-4 hour window 'Rad gives us between feedings.  We haven't had great luck with warming bottles at restaurants, and the car bottle warmer we inherited has been rolling around the floorboards of the car after we tried to use it once and it failed miserably.  It's like the Amazing Race - how many tasks can we complete before 'Rad beats us to the finish?  I'll give you a full photo report before the Monday morning alarm rings!

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