Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'Rad's New Tricks

Connor is drooling a lot these days.  Not just after eating, but all the time.  During tummy time he coats his play mat with spit, which he promptly rubs his face in.  When being held or sitting up, he lets little rivulets of drool caress his chin and slowly drop onto whatever might be below - a shoulder, his bib, the carpet - like too much paint globbed onto a wall.  He also enjoys blowing bubbles.  They perch on his bottom lip for a few seconds before popping and creating dark spots on the clothing below.  He doesn't seem to be aware of any of this, that he's just transformed from a 2-month old to a 3-month old drool machine, but I think it's time to employ his bibs full-time.

He's also started doing something that I love: When I hold him so he's looking over my shoulder, he puts his arms around me - one around my neck and the other over my shoulder.  I don't know what it is about it...It seems like such a casual gesture, and I'm glad that he feels that we're on level to where slinging his arms around me is appropriate.  Connor, I say sling away!  That kid doesn't have to do much to make me fall further in love with him.  It's one thing to give him hugs and squish on him, but it's quite another to feel like he's hugging me back.

When he's perched on my shoulder he's also started to grab at my hair; his tight little fists holding a clump of it like a safety line, allowing him to swivel his head around and check out the world that is opening up before him.  Now, I've read enough horror stories and been sufficiently warned about this ability, which can be employed to tug on earrings and yank on necklaces.  So I hold him comfortably with my stud earrings and bare neck, not wanting to move him too far from me lest he let go and start wobbling around on my shoulder like a punch bag.

'Rad has turned me into an addict.  Everything about him is like a drug and I'm constantly thinking about when I can get my next fix.  I want more time with him, more of his smiles, more of his grasping little hands woven in my hair, more of his jaunty way of throwing his arm over my shoulder.  At work his delicious little face is the wallpaper on my computer screens, and I often take breaks to give it a little peek between e-mails, spreadsheets, and invoices.

I'm not sure who the subtitles are for, but I'm trying to avoid being "that guy" in this Family Guy clip

I'm completely gaga over him, but I think I hide it well.  I mean, I don't try to hide hide how wild I am over a 'Rad, but I try to hide how completely crazy coo coo bonkers I can get when I talk or think about him.  Remember how I start singing one of the songs I have for him when I step out of the office and head across the parking lot towards my car?  That's the type of crazy I want to shield everyone from.  If he were a celebrity, I would have a small grotto in my house devoted to him, always lit with candles and adorned with paparazzi snapshots of him and magazine clippings showing him making a quick run to the grocery store or taking the dog for a walk.  It's so convenient when a baby's biggest fan is his mother.


Diana said...

The Family Guy clip is subtitled in Swedish!

Jojo said...

Haha! Thanks, international Auntie!

Emilie & Eric said...

"A boy's best friend is his mother..."
-Norman Bates

But no worries, I don't think you're there yet!