Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daycare Life

The paranoia in me is saying that 'Rad isn't smiling at me as much as he used to.  I am already putting the absentee parent label on myself for being a working mom (note: in no way do I think that all working moms are absentee parents).  I am already imagining that he doesn't remember me.  It's understood that these feelings are completely ridiculous, but they're menacing nonetheless.  When all is said and done, I spend less than three waking hours with him each weekday.  It's comforting that when I share this worry with other parents they don't even remember these days, they just know that it gets better.  I wouldn't want to not be working, but it's a true catch-22 situation.  (Note:  After writing this post, 'Rad dropped a cargo container-full of smiles on me.  See?  Paranoid!).

There aren't as many photo ops during the day because of our limited time together, but I snap them where I can.  Here are a few of 'Rad in his pjs, slung over dad's shoulder (I love those baby jowls!):

I try to cram a variety of activities into our evenings, and now that he tolerates it tummy time is one of my go-tos.  Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I think I have a pretty cute kid.

Another bummer about not being home with C is all of the bottles and paraphernalia that I have to wash every night.  I've never been the dish washer of the house, but when we get home I fill the sink up with warm soapy water, the bottles he drank from during the day, my breast pump pieces, and the bottles I thawed milk from the night before.  It's a gigantic pain in the patella.  However, there is something satisfying about having them all cleaned and put away. That is, until the next day.  Dun dun dunnnn!

There are some obvious struggles going on between me and my schedule, but I fancy that I've adjusted to my drastic reduction in "free time" pretty well.  Right now the house isn't a complete disaster, the dishes (well, most of them) are in the dishwasher, and the dog has been exercised.  That just leaves the laundry to be done, the curtains to be completed, my lunch to be made, the coffee maker to be prepped, and the mail to be sorted through.  So I've heard.  And do I care?  Eh.  Not enough to get up off the couch right now.  You pick your battles, and I'm putting my weapon down for the night.


hollymade said...

Love your blog! I'm originally from Madison, living in Chicago now. My little guy is 2 now, but I can totally relate. We started him out at a daycare, and I always hated having to wash up everything at the end of the day-we currently do a nanny-share instead of daycare, and one of the big perks for me, besides it costing less than daycare, is that all his food containers come home washed. No extra dishes! I definitely remember in those earlier days worrying that I wasn't getting enough time with my son, and oh man, maybe he will like his caretaker better than me. Looking back, it seems crazy, but in the moment, it was a real fear. I can definitely say that he loves his caretaker, which makes it easier to leave him to go to work everyday, but he definitely knows I'm his mommy and that will never change.

Jojo said...

Thanks, Holly! One great thing about writing this blog is that it makes me feel less alone and a little, just slightly, less crazy. It's nice to know that other mothers know what I'm going through because they've gone through it or are going through it themselves. Keep reading!