Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baby Stalker on the Rocks

I've run out of interesting things to say.  When in a conversation I find myself repeating familiar words, wondering if I've said this exact same thing to this exact same person or if I can be spared that social blunder.  My luck isn't usually that good.  So, my list of chat fodder can be boiled down to these three main topics:

  1. Parenting books and advice - take it or leave it?
  2. How fussy/good Connor has been lately
  3. Musings on going back to work

Oh, plus my Facebook profile pictures are always pics of the 'Rad.  You just can't take me anywhere these days.

Picking up on topic three, the reality of going back to work is starting to creep in.  After this week I'll be heading back home for a week.  Then, I'll have one more solid week with 'Rad before - dun dun dunnn - it's back to the daily grind.  With daycare like a cherry on top.  My gosh, I seriously have run out of interesting things to say because I can't go any further with this!  Let's just attribute that to mommy brain.

I am exhibiting some serious stalker-like behavior when it comes to C-rad.  After I've put him down for a nap I'll creep up to his bedroom door and peer through the slats in his crib to see if he's sleeping.  If he's awake in his crib, I'll sidle up to his crib to watch him gaze at the animals in his mobile.  If he's anywhere doing anything I'm watching him carefully, trying to soak up and mentally capture all of his little baby-ness because I can't get over how quickly it will all disappear; before I know it, he'll be a "big kid."  At least 50% of the time, though, I'm spying on him and silently willing him to sleep so I can have some me time.  And so that he can get all the rest he needs to grow.  Come on now, I'm a good mom.

This has nothing to do with stalking, but in honor of Halloween I'm posting it to please your freaky side.  I'm pretty freaked out by it

Monday confession:  I haven't had any alcohol outside of two beers since giving birth.  When I was pregnant I declared with gusto that I would down a Fat Boy Bloody Mary the minute I was no longer consuming food and drink for two.  But that statement has made a liar out of me because I'm too worried about making 'Rad sick after drinking one.  That, and I don't believe in the whole "pump and dump" mantra for disposing of potentially harmful breast milk since I have drilled into my brain that boob juice is like liquid gold.  However, I'm willing to take that statement back for a glass of this most delicious port.

Yes, please

A question for the masses:  What is your dream job?  

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