Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thoughtful Moments

We didn't make it to the dock on Sunday, but we did last night. It was still as steamy as it's been all week, but we waited for that magic hour between the sun of the day and the dark of night to ramble down the hill to the neighborhood dock and cast out our lines.

It was peaceful on the dock as we watched the sun quickly sink behind the trees across the lake. Z enjoyed a beer while I rolled myself onto the bench and stared down my bobber. We didn't get any bites, but had a good hour by the water before the bugs started attacking. Damn ankle-biters. The trip back up the hill to the house was enough to get a good sweat going, and I have to say, there's something about seeing those fishing rods resting on the porch where we set them before we went into the house.

Tonight, I'm staying in out of the heat and the humidity for the rest of the night. I may venture out to take Blue around the small loop of the neighborhood, but I feel like I should spend the rest of the night organizing Jooner's clothes and goodies. We are at 33 weeks, and today's ultrasound and visit with the nurse went really well. My little boy is growing well (in the 61st percentile), has a steady heart rate of 132, and is perfect.

I don't feel like nesting, I feel the pressure of seven meager pre-baby weeks. I know so much stuff doesn't have to be done before we bring Jooner home, but I would feel more relaxed if so much of it were. Peace of mind. That's what I'm going for. Peace of mind with a happy medium. That's probably more likely.

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