Sunday, July 17, 2011

An Epic Update

It's been a wonderfully busy week. On Thursday, work sponsored a night out at the Mallard's game, Madison's local summer-league baseball team. Z and I have been talking about watching a Mallard's game since we moved to Wisconsin, and I'm so glad we marked it off the list this past week. We are all about list-crossing-off nowadays.

Before you say, "I'm so not a baseball fan," know that I would be the first in line to utter that sentiment. But when you get there you realize it's really not about the game as much as it is about the fanfare, the experience, and the company. I maybe watched a total of 5 minutes of baseball. The rest of the time was spent chatting, watching kids and parents trying to catch fly balls and t-shirts, and listening to the silly things being spouted from the press box. It was a great time! If you're ever in Madison during Mallards season, I highly recommend going to a game. Tickets are only $12 or, if you want the full Madison experience, you can pay $25 to sit in the Duck Blind where you can eat and drink to your heart's content.

We kept the momentum going on Friday night, when some friends on vacation from Chicago came to the house and we headed to the Club Tavern. Zach's ex-drummer is now the drummer for Keefe Klug, who was playing Friday night, and we went out to support him and just have another night out on one of our few weekends home this month. We ended up getting to the bar a little later than expected (blame that one on me: I took a nap before we left and Z let me sleep late), but had time to do a little booty shaking and ended up staying out until 2 am. I know, I'm a crazy pregnant lady! ;-)

Saturday went by quickly. Sure sure, it didn't help that we really didn't start our day until noon, but once we got started it just flew by. Between errands and housework, the 4 pm baby shower that we were guests of honor at rushed up to us, and we got there right at 4 (thanks again to my taking a nap and Z graciously letting me sleep until he was out of the shower at 3:30). It was a wonderful shower and we had a great time. I can't say enough about the wonderful people who put it together and made it incredibly special. We ended up staying at the shower until only one couple was left at almost 9 pm. And at that time, we only left because I was falling victim to another bout of exhaustion.

Accumulated baby booty (except the vacuum - that was not bought for the baby)

The prospect of a baby shower still makes me a little nervous (I am somewhat afraid of being the center of attention), but what I love about it is all of the stories and experiences that mothers share at them. It makes me feel like I'm being initiated into a very special club of women - those who have given birth and who know what it feels like to have your heart running around on a playground, sleeping over at a friend's house, or putting all sorts of inedibles in its mouth. I'm excited about being part of that club and about starting that part of my life as much as I'm enjoying the Z-and-me time that's left pre-Jooner.

Today we still were on the move, but have gotten to enjoy more home time because of the oppressive heat outside. There's only so much running around that you can and want to do when the thermometer is topping 100 humid degrees. But we're not in for the night yet: one of our errands was to get ourselves fishing gear and licenses - another item marked off of our list! Despite years of hanging out at my parent's lake house, Z will be in charge of all things fishing besides casting the line and reeling 'er in. I'm just there for the experience and, eventually, will learn how to not squeal when the worms come out of the bait container or when the fish needs to be taken off the hook. But that's not on my agenda for tonight.

Jooner, I hope when you're older you can enjoy not only all of the things that your dad and I have done with you and all of the things you've experienced, but that you'll also be able to appreciate all of the things we did when pregnant with you. Already, people are amazed at all of the things you've done in utero, and we have big plans for when you're out. Gear up, kid. It's going to be a wild ride!

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