Friday, April 08, 2011

Fantastic Voyage

Now that everything I do affects someone else's life, I've become keenly aware of all my feelings, especially when I'm feeling stressed or angry. These emotions are at their peak on my daily commute as cars fly around me (don't these people know there's a baby on board (in a way)?!) or as I impatiently slow down behind the guy who feels the need to go 38 in a 40 mph zone. I try to talk myself down by talking to Junior, but I think I'm a natural road rager. Hopefully that's not a trait that I pass on.

But what can you really do to calm yourself down about other drivers while remaining on the road with them? Music is really the only answer for me, and it's funny because my recent subconscious music choices definitely have a "slow down and smell the roses" or straight up "chill out" vibe to them. To the former mood I provide Diana Krall as an example (DK is setting the mood right now because I think everyone in the house would benefit from some simple-life cool cat tunes). Her music makes you feel like taking a little corner table at a cafe, setting your beret down on the chair next to you, and being happy just doing that, which I think is harder than it sounds. To the latter mood I offer The Getaway People. Though probably unfamiliar, The Getaway People are the epitome of driving-around-town-with-the-windows-down-and-nowhere-to-go music. Their songs may start to sound alike, but if you like one you know you'll like them all.

Happily slowed down and thinking about what I'm feeling and how I'm feeling, I hope baby is relaxed and content. Dinner has been eaten, the dog has been exercised, and I'm enjoying a little quiet time while big Z and Blue nap on the floor. The storm can rage all week if it wants as long as I get moments like this to savor. It's amazing what turning off the tv and listening to some DK can do. I just need a shower and the weekend can officially begin.


Emilie said...

You know I have that CD and probably know about this band because of you! Good stuff.

Jojo said...

I knew you would know the Getaway People! I just found out they're from Norway. Weird, right?