Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Update

I attended my first book exchange this weekend and loved it! I came hope with a double-layered grocery bag of literary goodies and I can't wait to dip my hand into it. One of the greatest things about a book exchange isn't the free books, it's talking to other people about what books are good and which ones are fun and how the might make you feel. I've been stuck in the mindset of needing to read classics and heavy literature, but books can be fun too. Sounds like an obvious revelation, but it's one I've lost sight of recently.

We're almost at week 17, but here's my week 16 pic:

Baby is definitely making itself known. I'm having trouble making the leap to buying maternity clothes so skirts, dresses and leggings have been my best friends in this early spring weather. Today I thought I'd give my regular jeans a go, and while I could put them on I couldn't button them. So, to combat that minor speed bump, I tried the rubber band trip some helpful mothers have offered: put a rubber band around the button, thread it through the button hole, and hook it back on the button. It worked, but it wasn't the most comfortable thing. And if you can't see it from this picture, the waistband of my jeans are getting a little stressed by the extra girth they're trying to hold in. Fitting clothes to an ever-changing body is not an easy thing to do.

The next best thing is to focus on parts that aren't changing so significantly. Hello, berry-stained fingernails. Isn't my life fascinating (sarcasm inferred)?

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