Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rain, Rain and Brats

I love a good storm, and this week was peppered with all varieties: dark skies with rain creating a river in the parking lot at work; light showers on the drive home; and overnight concerts with thunderous booms, lightning pyrotechnics, and rain tapping like fingers on a keyboard on my bedroom windows.

This was a rare week where I didn't mind the rain although I had to get up and go to work. I was fine with the weather as long as Saturday was as beautiful as they could come. And, seemingly in response to that internal barter, Friday evening came in like a lion and Saturday morning woke up like a lamb. That lion was a beautifully awe-inspiring sight to see.

View to the right of the house during Friday's storm

View to the left of the house

Meeting in the middle

A rainbow in the midst of the turmoil

Saturday was a perfect day for our first summer gathering at the house. We had great company, food aplenty, and used our barbeque pit for the first time (to grill up 24 brats). I thought we were going to deconstruct it brick by brick, using the pieces we picked off of it as landscape features. But after yesterday, I think ole' BBQ is here to stay. Summer really is the good life.

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