Monday, June 28, 2010

How They Grow!

The summer showers and baking sun have revealed that Z and I have some serious green thumbs. That, or we just have a hard time following the directions on seed packets, because our garden it outta control, with plants running into plants running into fence.

Monsterous squash has started taking over our modest plot, steamrolling over the stunted scallions and creeping towards the peppers.

The carrots are safe. For now. But not knowing what's under the soil is killing me! They may be safe from the squash, but I'm not sure they're safe from me.

The cilantro started strong and is still going tough. I love cilantro!

The parsley is looking pretty pretty, too.

A lot of this growing was going on while Z and I were in Michigan for a mini family reunion this weekend: me, all my sisters, my parents and all the kids. It was awesome, but awesomely exhausting as well. We stayed up late all weekend (talking and playing midnight Scrabble), woke up early all weekend (to play with The Crazies and Los O Boys), baked in the sun (during the family garage sale) and ate some, ok, a lot, of homemade food.

I learned a lot of things this weekend: 1) I'm not as good at Scrabble that I once was or thought I was (anyone up for a few practice games?), 2) I don't know how parents of small children go to work and generally function on such little sleep and am afraid for my future children because of that fact, 3) I don't need to go shopping when I have a fashionable sister who's clothes I can rummage through, and 4) I really really really like to eat.

In the midst of weekend's action was a chance to hang out by and play in Z's mom's pool. It was a beautifully sunny day, perfect for splashing around and wading in a pool. The Griffins took advantage, and The Crazies took to the water like fish. Those kids can swim!

Teagie tubin'.

Dec didn't start out loving the water, but he ended up really swimming!

The Crazies keeping cool and snacking. I love how little kids always have snacks in cups or cute little containers.

I had to throw this picture in because I think Z looks so handsome in it.

Lounging post-pool with rocket pops. I love those bright blue chairs, Beth!

One of the best things about going home, besides obviously being with my family, is the drive there and back. I love having that time with Z when we're not distracted by the TV or the computer, just sitting together and talking about our day or what's going on in the world. We talk to each other about those things every day, but there's something about being in a car together that makes it different. I love being in a car, driving down a road that will end in happiness. If only gas weren't so expensive.

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