Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ode to the Magic Bullet

For my birthday my parents got me the Magic Bullet, a seemingly hokey kitchen gadget which I LOVE (thank you, Ivy, for telling them I wanted one!).
If you've ever seen the informercial, you should be familiar with this lady:

The deliberately placed, cigarette smoking, obnoxious cynic of the Magic Bullet franchise who makes the entire infomercial that much more memorable. And I mean, come on, she's got an inch of ash dangling off of that cigarette during the entire thing. Infomercials are so great.

But all marketing aside, I seriously love my Magic Bullet. Z and I have been having fresh fruit smoothies every day since we got it, and, as the infomercial says, it only takes up about as much room on your counter as a coffee cup.

Other things I've been loving lately:

I'm seriously not getting paid anything to endorse all these brands, but maybe I should be...

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