Tuesday, June 08, 2010

My June in Pictures

Over Memorial Day weekend, Z's dad came to visit us in the cheese state for a few days of sightseeing, eating, and lots of, well, doing. The only time we could be seen resting on our laurels was after an exhausting day out in the sun, doing things that we have always wanted to do again, or doing certain things for the first time. We soaked up lots of sun, imbibed a number of beers, and lived it up. It's wonderful when you don't have to leave your house but you feel like you're on vacation.

Our first look inside the capitol

On our way to mustard and kraut heaven: Bratfest!

Johnsonville doesn't lie

Did that women sign up specifically to be a brat runner? That will be a good title to add to her resume

Fun with the Weinermobile, as if it weren't enough fun by itself

A picnic after a tasting at Wollersheim Winery

Our first Mad-City Ski Team Show, the first one of the year!

After Memorial Day weekend, we had a few days to prep the house for the arrival of my family for our second annual Race For The Cure weekend.

Ann, Ivy, and their families arrived a day before the big event, so we spent some time chilling at the house and cruising downtown.

Dec exploring the porch

Shh, Tato's feigning sleep

Getting in some couch time

Ate's winning smile

A taste of our time downtown with lunch at Husnu's (delicious, by the way)

When Saturday morning rolled around, me, my mom, and two of my three sisters walked the 5K Race For The Cure course in memory of dear Mama Ida. It means a lot to all of us when we get together to do the walk.

But that was just the beginning. After the race, we met the guys and the kids at the pool where Ruari became a fish, Tato was being chased by a crocodile, Teagan was staying comfortable in the arms of dad, and Dec was sporting some tight trunks.

After watching the action at the pool and having lunch, the ladies went for a little spa action at non-spa prices (thank you Vici Madison Aveda Institute!), and came home in a downpour. We pulled the kitchen table out onto the screened-in porch and had pizza for dinner while enjoying the breeze perpetrated by the heavy rains. Have I mentioned how much I love our screened-in porch? Because I lurve it big time.

Very important equation for you: Screened-in porch = vacation anytime. Think about it: You can be eating cereal and enjoying your cup of coffee in the morning in front of your tv, or you can be doing the same thing (kinda) outside while listening to the morning birds or the rain, breathing in the fresh air that you and your lungs will be missing for the next eight hours when you're in the office. You could probably simulate this experience by eating breakfast next to an open window, but it's really not the same. Come over and try it some time.

It's been a fun-filled two weeks, and our place doesn't look much worse for the wear. But I'm looking forward to seeing my family again before the end of the month. June, you're a good month. Will I be feeling the same way next year when I turn 30 in June? Only time will tell.

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