Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It's already been a "What a week!" kind of week. geologist rocked Beloit on Saturday, but Sunday was all business. We got stuffing for the once deflated pillow covers that have been draped to the side of the couch.

We also got a curtain rod to hang the curtains in our kitchen. Right now it's just a rod in a box propped in the corner of the kitchen. Hopefully that status will be updated.

We also bought a string trimmer for the yard (oh so domestic are we), that Z was very excited about. But I'm more excited about the prospect of purchasing this awesome number:

It's a great rolling cooler that has a little retro edge and I'm in lurve with it.
I still drool over dresses and potions in beauty magazines, but I think a marked shift has occurred when my weekend and wish lists are filled with dreams of rolling coolers and hung curtains. When I start singing the praises of a new motion-sensitive light, we should all be scared. Just a warning: That day will come.

What it is about buying things for a home that are so appealing, regardless of how much they really get used? Take my hopefully future cooler, for example. I would love to have it, but it wouldn't get used for half of the year, and for the half of the year when it would be practical it probably won't have enough ice in it to keep drinks cold. Not that that's going to deter my desire for it, but is it really cultural to want to acquire things to make a home feel like a home?

Thing is, having those "things" around really does make a home feel more like a home than having barren walls. I could live with Z in a teepee and it would be home, but it wouldn't feel as much like my home as my house with my things in it. So, by that reasoning, I am still going to spend my hard earned money on an accessory that will get used 15% of the year and I won't feel bad about it. It's all nesting, but my only babies are 32 years old and/or furry.

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