Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And I Ran

I'm running a half-marathon in May, the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. I signed up to run in September after a failed attempt to run the same event last May because of a schedule conflict. I'm trying to keep myself from getting worked up about it, anxious about it, or overly excited about it. I've been doing a stellar job at that because I'm already getting bored with it. With crummy weather outside and a gym membership just a few months old, I've been hitting the treadmill four times a week since the beginning of the year and the 'mill and my playlist are getting stale.

Being the planner I am, I decided to train for this half-marathon by following a marathon training schedule. I figured, "At the end of the marathon training schedule, I'll have run 18 consecutive miles max, which will make the half-marathon seem like cake!" I don't usually talk like a crazy person, but that was a definite crazy person moment. So, now I'm rescinding that statement. The me of this evening figures, "I'm already ahead of the game, so why not cut to following the half-marathon training schedule which should still seem like cake!" I like that idea much better.

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