Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Movie Magic for a Tuesday Night

It seems strange that life goes along as usual, busy, time-warp usual, and then suddenly you feel like you need a vacation. Well, it's not a sudden feeling. It creeps up on you, until it's an unbearable weight that may take months to save up to alleviate. You whine and wimper about it, maybe even feel the urge to cry once in a while because everyone needs a break from the norm.

It's at that point, if I remember it's magical properties, that Funny Face goes into the DVD player.

Singing, dancing, Paris, fashion, Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, and the whimsy of 1950's musical cinema - what else can one need? I'm sure I've gushed about this before, but I can't stress how stress relieving it all is. And it's all done so simply - no big fireworks displays or 100 person chorus pieces needed. If you're feeling under the weather, this is my prescription to you.

I know some people get hooked up on the fact that musicals are so unrealistic. But this is a film we're talking about here. Besides documentaries, how realistic are movies? And I thought the point was to get lost in someone else's world, not be stuck in your own.

Besides Funny Face, other favorites come to mind:

Footloose - K.B. classic
17 Again (to feed my Zac Efron crush)
Wet Hot American Summer - a must see off-kilter comedy
Iron Man - who would have thought I'd name an action film as a favorite?
My Fair Lady - more Hepburn magic
Christmas in Connecticut - a holiday gem

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i loveee funny face!!

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