Thursday, July 23, 2009

Like a Good Neighbor

I heard somewhere that spiders are good luck, and that they appear when femininity is lacking. So we are either going to win the lottery soon, or I need to start putting on more makeup and wearing heels more often because 2 spiders have set up shop in one of our kitchen windows.

"Stay out of my
sill, bro"

"Huh? What? But
I've got stuff to do. I'm
here, and I'm there, hacha!"

(I don't know why these symbols of feminity are male, but that's what's happening.) We've only noticed them for the past few days. Gauging from what I've seen, Lefty Louie there is a sit around and wait kind of guy. Roger on the right is the freak out type, darting from his cozy corner when the red light on the camera blinked. I don't mind spiders much as long as they don't crawl on me or find their way into my food. Aren't those the keys to being a good neighbor, anyway?

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