Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Age and Arms

This is Zach's arm. This is the tattoo on Zach's arm. This is the picture of the tattoo on Zach's arm that he got as an ode to his 20s that he wanted to have when he turned 30 (just a little over a year late). He's very proud of this tattoo. He's so proud that he delegated certain shirts as sleeveless shirts so that they could casually reveal what 3 hours in an artist's chair can do. It's amazing how a pair of scissors can change a regular old t-shirt into one that I'm mildly embarrassed to acknowledge that he owns. But it's ok, especially when there are absurd tan lines to mock. I kid 'cause I love.

But I can't blame him for being so excited to show off something that means so much. If I put together a tattoo that was an ode to my still cycling 20s, it would depict numerous college applications, a coffee cup, and dog paws. Yeah, not very cool or creative. I don't have the advantage of retrospect yet.

Speaking of age, it's going to be a certain Ms. Teagie's birthday next month. I might have something special up my sleeve for that mini-hulk...
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