Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

It's a couple of hours into Christmas Eve and I'm getting ready to go to sleep with thankful thoughts in mind. This evening, Z and I went out for and "adult" (read: Connor-less) dinner with his brothers for some delicious sushi and hibachi grill fun. We left stuffed, I had my first sips of liquor since moving and didn't fall asleep right after, thank you very much (pats self on back). Connor stayed with Grandma while we dined and we are now all safe at home - he in his crib, me in bed, and Z and two of his bros continuing to ride the night out with beers, conversation, and multiple trays of Christmas cookies. At this time of year it's sometimes hard to find a spare moment, a sliver of silence, and any time where you're not ready to fall asleep once you stop just "doing." It's lovely when it comes, if it comes, to provide perspective and that chance to just sit back and smile. That's why I love this time of year; all moments are framed in a frosty glow, lit by the light of the Christmas tree, tasting like cookies, and smelling like gingerbread.

Tomorrow we'll continue the holiday march by hanging out with my parents, going to a Christmas play, and attending a family dinner. The day after that we'll open presents before driving down to spend the day with Z'a grandparents. If I let it, that all sounds burdensome. But I love it. I love being so close that we can attend practically every family function because we're really truly home.

Happy holidays, everyone! I'll do my best to take pictures. I recommend you do the same to preserve these delicious holiday memories!

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