Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Week in Pictures

The weather has gone from warm and gorgeous to cold, but still gorgeous.  Here are a few pictures of 'Rad in the past week:

I'm still trying to get him to rock the Paul Frank sunnies, no matter how big they are.

Some playground time before heading home from daycare

Trying to catch 'Rad on camera while playing in the back yard

Connor in his full-body bat onesie (I think "full-body bat suit" has a better ring to it) and nod-to-Halloween skull hat at a Rocket Football game on Saturday morning.

I start work this week and I'm freaking out about it a little bit.  That push of anxiety has driven me into the arms of extra cups of coffee and a few extra handfuls of potato chips.

(But it's a fancy cup of coffee!)

In the same turn, the routine - as unroutine as it may be at the start - will hopefully help me get myself, my life, and my health back on track.  It will be better for everyone involved if I have some sort of daily direction.  It's funny how we can wish for something so much and be so worried and nervous when we get it.

I've been feeling very pensive lately, but now that I have the time to sit down and tell you all about it I've lost all of my deeper deeply deep thoughts.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  More thoughts later.

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