Tuesday, October 23, 2012

'Rad's Room

I don't know if I've ever shown you Connor's new room.  His is by far the most complete room in the house, but there are still a few pictures I have to get frames for and hang on the walls.

 The door to the hallway is just to the left of that box of wipes on the floor.  Mild lamp dysfunction going on in this room.
 Now that I'm seeing how off-center that "Conrado" banner is, it's driving me crazy!
His window looks out to the backyard

I love his room.  It's so warm and natural-feeling.  The only bummer is that it's right next to the garage, so any goings-on at night happening in the garage or backyard have to be kept pretty quiet for his sake.

I hope he has good memories of this room.  I'm not sure how long he'll be in it, but he spends more time in here than he did in his old nursery, pulling the books off the shelves, rolling around on the floor, and yanking the basket of toys out from the shelves.  The other night when his favorite blanket was soiled, we put him to bed with an extra changing-pad cover that had the same texture.  That cover ended up on the floor in the afternoon and he would intermittently put his face on it, booty in the air, then get up and resume his playing.  Stop.  Go back to the changing-pad cover, snuggle with it, then go back to his books.  Soon we'll start marking his height on the door frame (or a proper growth chart if I'm not feeling too cheap-y cheap-y).  Regardless of what we put on the walls of his room, I think I'll have the most memories of its floor.  And when he starts climbing I think those memories will become fonder and fonder.

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