Thursday, September 20, 2012

Making Muffins and Laying an Egg

I have been on a baking tear lately.  Muffins, cookies, and more muffins have made their way - poorly baked - out of our oven and into our stomachs.  Maybe it's because of this house with it's retro housewife-y vibe or the chill in the air, but I have more chocolate chips on the grocery list for this weekend.  Bring on autumn!
The lowering temps laid bare an inconvenient truth: 'Rad doesn't have cool weather clothes.  Family have come to the rescue with hand-me-downs and random bags of purchases for the big boy (Target has also been a helpful ally), so we've been able to gingerly piece our way through the week.  But there's one item that you just can't hand me down, and that's shoes.  The poor dude has worn a hole in his boat shoes and his loafers are obviously undersized.  The only shoes that I don't feel bad about him leaving the house in are his Small Paul sneakers.  So, if you're in Babies 'R Us and happen to find a pair of size 4 white SP kicks with navy velcro straps, snatch them up for me, 'kay?  I mean, have you seen how expensive baby shoes with a real sole are?  Geesh.

As we approach the 1-month anniversary of our moving home, the stress of finding a local job and advancing my career is starting to gain momentum.  It feels like I'm cheating 'Rad out of family time by sending him off to daycare each day since I only work in the mornings, but the truth of it is that daycare is always the stabilizing force in a life that we could easily make unpredictable.  Z and I have turned in a number of applications while wistfully dreaming about my being able to only work part-time while going to school.  We'll see what the world has in store for us in that department.

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