Monday, July 02, 2012

'Rad's Big Weekend

As I'm standing in the kitchen starting this post, Connor is making loops around two legs of the kitchen table.  Maybe he learned it from watching racing with GPS (Grandpa Sid) this weekend.  The kid likes speed, but he was making left turns around the table so maybe he's just testing out his engine.  Or maybe he was motivated by watching the batters round the bases at his first baseball game this weekend.  Either way, he is on the move.

It was great having a visitor this weekend, especially one that we could be comfortable around.  Saturday's entertainment consisted of going to Target and the grocery store.  Saturday's crisis consisted of Connor fighting a nap for 1.5 hours in the afternoon and him ultimately winning the battle.  And Saturday's questionable parenting decision consisted of me handing the dude over to a table of strangers who were googoo and gaga-ing over him at Casa del Sol (I scoped out any possible exit routes they could take should they have been overcome with the desire to kidnap him.  I'm being completely serious).  The little man, after having napped for two hours in the morning, was up from 11 am until 9 pm that night, and once he got past the grumpiness of not having had an afternoon nap he was pretty amiable the rest of the day.  He's still going to take his afternoon naps, doggone it, but it was nice that he was on his best behavior that night with grandpa in town.

Yesterday was the main event: Connor's first baseball game - a Madison Mallards game.  Unfortunately, the heat kept us from seeing more than an hour of play, but we didn't leave the park before 'Rad participated in the "Diaper Derby."  Let me set the scene: 

Four or so babies are put onto the scorching field to crawl towards someone who is probably sweating their you-know-whatsits off dressed as a mama duck.  When the whistle is blown all the babies just sit there because a) they have stage fright, b) it's so hot they've slowed to a stop, or c) they have no idea what's going on.  After a little coaxing, we got 'Rad to bear crawl a few feet after which he was declared the unofficial winner.  Go 'Rad, go!

To cool off after his exhausting race, we headed out for some air conditioning and ice cream (note to self: when ordering ice cream and holding a baby, choose the cone and not the cup).

I think Connor likes ice cream.

Maybe just a little.

Such a great weekend.  And then there was Monday.  Sigh...

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