Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good Night

When he was a wee lad

I've found myself sneaking into 'Rad's room every night a couple of hours after putting him to bed.  When he was a tiny lad, I would sneak in to make sure he was breathing, to make sure that he wasn't stuck between the slats of his crib and that his swaddle hadn't come undone.  This week, I've been sneaking in to watch him sleep.  To see what position his arms are in (because that just makes me squeal).  To see him and imagine what it would be like to pick up that snoozing baby, smell his head, and just watch him sleep.  Becoming a parent is the height of amateur spying.

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EllaArkhipova said...

He's very very cute. I do the same for our son. I even have a small LED flashlight by my bedside to check on him at various times during the night. We're amateurs right now but we'll be pros soon. ;-)