Thursday, March 08, 2012

Smooth, like an Avocado

I have been frittering my evenings away on the internet for the past few nights because I'm hitting one of those plateaus where life is feeling mundane in spite of the hectic waking hours.  What I think: Maybe if I stay up one more hour I'll come up with some clever Facebook status that will garner lots of comments (I don't) or keeping my eyes open for 30 more minutes may help me get one more thing done in preparation for tomorrow (it doesn't).  What happens: I end up vacillating between checking my e-mail every two minutes and checking FB. I don't read educational or current-events articles from some highly-rated, fashionably-opinionated newsfeed.  I might price shop once in a while but I don't do any in-depth research for 'Rad's next highchair or what our next car should be (hopefully we won't have to answer that question for a loooong time).  I do it to feel connected even when there doesn't seem to be much out there to connect to.

Life has become a series of little races: The morning rush to get out the door and to work on time.  The lunchtime shuffle to hop in the car and get as many errands done as is possible in 30 minutes.  The workday scramble to answer e-mails and phone calls before clocking out.  Then the return rush to pick up 'Rad and fit as much QT in before he starts rubbing his eyes and fussing for dinner.  All these little chunks of the day and so little cohesion to them all.  I'd like to make Connor and Z the unifying theme for my days and in my mind they are the top priority, but work and commuting so scramble my thoughts that my intentions are lost to the hands of traffic and cost proposals.  

But in spite of all that bullshit, 'Rad and I had a really good evening.  I picked up two new Dr. Seuss books for him after work - There's a Wocket in My Pocket! and Sneetches on Beaches.  He chewed on one and smacked the other one a few times before whining when I tried to read it to him (I'm working on cultivating his inner bookworm.  Still have quite a bit of soil to till).  Ample time was allowed for bouncing and face eating, then we attempted mashed avocados for the second time today.  This morning, he took a few spoonfuls of the stuff before motorboating so much so that I couldn't get the spoon near his mouth.  Tonight, he ate an entire quarter of an avocado.  I'm prepared to choo-choo that green goop into his little mouth for the next few days, so hopefully we continue on this "I like it" trend or else the garbage disposal is going to get ample servings of Vitamin E, B vitamins, and folic acid.  Although, I can see how parents become garbage disposals themselves.  It's a shame to throw all that goodness down the drain.

Suggested new-mom read: Apologies to the Parents I Judged Four Years Ago (thanks for the read, Em!) and this post from Momastery.  It seriously made me laugh out loud. Plus, how badass is that picture?  It does feel good to be a gangsta.  So I've heard.


KristinG said...

Ugh my current waistline attests to becoming a human garbage disposal...I think I need to forgo my own meal and just consider the bites of this and that leftover from Lola's meals my main meal - my waistline (and pants!) will thank me later. Lola adores avocados...can eat a whole one in one sitting on some days. Lola also ate most of her early books...literally big chunks missing from pages in some of them. Apparently she wanted to have a healthy fiber intake during those teething days. ;)

Stacy A said...

I completely relate to this post. I'm sitting here tonight also going back and forth between FB and email. As a new parent I find myself mind numbingly exhausted at the end of the day. Life's little races for a working Mom sure do take a toll. Reading your blog reminded me tonight that I'm not alone in running these races.