Monday, March 12, 2012

Power Through

I had an awesome weekend with 'Rad, Z, and Blue Boy.  The sun was out (as were the people, the kids riding bikes, the dog walkers, and the sleeveless joggers) and it hit 60 degrees, so we flung open the sliding glass door to let in the fresh air and spring noises.  I held 'Rad on the porch and we heard birds chirping, a woodpecker woodpeckering, and people's voices carrying through the neighborhood.  It was very life-affirming and much needed after the winter doldrums that still have a small toe-hold in our lives.  The time change hasn't wreaked havoc on our internal clocks, and I appreciate the extra sunlight at the end of the day - I'll deal with getting ready in the dark for another month.

Connor was the most smiley kid this weekend.  It was awesome.  Put him in his play saucer - big smile.  Hold him up like Superman - big smile with leaking globs of drool.  Toss him in the air - open-mouthed smile.  It was like he was feeling the sunlight of spring course through his veins, the first spring sunlight he's ever witnessed.  Those smiles made it even harder to deal with today away from him and back at the grindstone, but we powered through.

That's one of my mantras lately.  I powered through.  I'm powering through. I'll power through.  Whatever it is, whatever you have to through at me, I'll get through it somehow, so I'm not even going to worry about the process itself.  It will just happen.  I'll make it happen somehow.  That was totally today.  Exhausted, not wanting to get out of bed, dreading having to sit for 8 hours while the sun shines through the windows behind me, I powered through.  My next goal - to power through until bedtime.

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