Thursday, January 19, 2012

One Day at a Time

I've harped on it numerous times - the anxiety that can hit when heading home to take care of 'Rad after being away from him all day.  But I realize now (as I think I've realized numerous times but it's just never stuck) how I was looking at it completely wrong.  Instead of setting myself up to be excited to see him then nervous about what to do after that, I've been really enjoying our time together.  We chat on the bed and get in some laughs, walk around the house baby-bjorned together, and take care of some errands before we go our separate ways (he to his play palace, me to bottle duty).

Hanging on the bed with dad after a long day at daycare

Connor flying high (Z is below him, holding up in Superman pose)

Approaching him and going home with that mindset has made everything better.  He seems happier, I'm happier, and over the past three nights he's gone down for his late night nap without a peek.  Not a single whine.  No whimpers.  After changing his diaper, reading him a story, and putting him down in his crib, I've been able to leave him in peace, him doing the same for me.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: Sleep training works.  Well, at least it has for 'Rad.  So far.  I try to not let the stress bubble up in me as I gently lay him in the crib, and luckily 'Rad hasn't given it reason to boil over since earlier this week.  Oh buddy, I thought I loved you before but you have no idea how much I love your yummiest now that you don't fight nap time.

On all other fronts, things have been relatively quiet.  We're still on sleep-training watch with 'Rad, he's still showing signs of teething but nothing has emerged, Z and I are working stiffs, I'm still pumping at work with the hopes of only having to give him one bottle of formula a day, and Blue is waiting for the weekend so he can get a good run in.  There are 3"-8" of snow forcasted for tomorrow, so we're planning on picking up a sled, hitching it to Blue boy, loading it with a 'Rad, and going for a walk through the neighborhood this weekend.  For the record, that would be the only reason I would ever wish for snow at this time of the year.   It's so freakin' cold in WI right now!

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