Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello, Solid Food!

It happened: Yesterday, 'Rad got his first taste of "solid food."

Z and I hovered over him as he sat in his bumbo seat, the tray no longer adorned with his spinny toy but with a place mat and a bowl of rice cereal.  Once we were in position (z with the camera, me with the spoon of food, and 'Rad patiently waiting in his seat), the spoon encountered the mouth, the mouth confusedly encountered the food, and the food stayed in the mouth.  For the most part.

Here comes the airplane (I didn't make plane noises, but it seemed an appropriate sentiment)! 
 Trying to figure out what to put in his mouth - the spoon or the bowl
 Now we're getting it
That giantic hand is Z's.  FYI

Not much of the rice-milk mixture got eaten, but what was put in 'Rad's mouth went down without a fight.  I call that a success.

The whole process didn't take as much time as I was prepared for, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he reacts to peas, sweet taters, all that good stuff.

This morning he went after it with gusto, grabbing the handle of the spoon as it hovered near his mouth and pulling it towards him.  With each bite his face looked like it was saying, "I'm not sure if I like this," but it was as if his stomach was compelling him to open his mouth and ingest the questionable substance on the spoon.  He really seemed to be going after it, and I got more and more excited as his mouth opened with the spoon approaching him.  No planes, trains, or automobile sounds necessary.

Thinking so much about what we'll be putting in Connor's mouth makes me think a lot about what we're putting in ours.  Suddenly, the need to eat more fruits and veggies has become a priority (we need to model the right behavior, right?).  Sure, at this point the dude couldn't tell the difference between a banana and a remote control, but for our sake and my peace of mind, we need to start changing our eating habits now.  But I'm not going to get rid of my sweets intake.  You wouldn't want to see me without my daily dose of sugar.

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