Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Morning Love

It's only 8:30 in the morning and I've already learned something - Chicago did a rendition of "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen."  It's a fantastically terrible version of traditional Christmas carol, done up in true Chicago style.  I'm not sure why I'm so surprised that Chicago did a Christmas album and, as much as I love the band, I'm not sure why I'm so surprised that they did it so awfully.  So there you go.  I should have known better.

We had a little holiday party last night.  Turnout was low, but the company was stellar.  There was great, fatty, sweet food, beer bottles and martini glasses littering the kitchen counter, and holiday tunes filling in any nooks and crannies of silence of which there were few.  Zach and I scrambled to get the Christmas tree up, wreathes and stockings hung, and garland displayed hours before the doorbell rang, but we pulled it off.  Connor was nice enough to let us get this done, and probably because he knew he was to be the guest of honor at our little shindig.  Most people entered the house, gave us a warm hello, then promptly asked where the little man was.  For most of the night the answer was, "He's napping."  But for a little over an hour, he was perched happily in the baby bjorn while we mixed and mingled.  We took a very important picture last night, too, but I'm not ready to reveal it just yet.  Suspence!

I continue to be amazed at 'Rad's attempts to roll over.  He plays in his crib at going from back to belly, even when swaddled into a yummy little baby burrito, and he's gotten quite adept at crunching his legs up to his chest and swinging them to the side.  He's so happy and talkative on his back - he must like the way  he sees the world that way.

Even though it's only a halfway point, I usually gauge my weekend by how I feel on Sunday morning.  It's not a fair test because I usually love Sunday mornings no matter what, but sometimes you have to give yourself a gimme.  This morning, like most Sunday mornings, is a good one.  I got up with 'Rad, played a little, cleaned his bottles, and am now writing to, watching CBS Sunday Morning, and working on my cross stitches in the shadow of the Christmas tree.  I'm excited about the approaching holiday, and the fact that it will be Connor's first and our first as a family.  I'm also thrilled that we have chocolate cupcakes and molasses cookies left over from last night.  Oh Sunday morning, I love you.

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Emilie & Eric said...

You want wonderful, awful Christmas music? Bob Dylan's Christmas album. Some songs are tolerable, but most sound like he is in the act of dying during the song. And yet, it's still in my Christmas playlist.

And I hope to have those wonderful, lazy Sunday mornings with my family too some day!