Friday, December 23, 2011

Hittin' the Road

Although I'm frantically rushing around the house, packing the car in preparation for our trip home, I wanted to take a second to write you a message since I'll likely not be posting again until after Christmas.

Yesterday Amy give me a little gift "from Connor" when I picked the little dude up.  I waited until Z came home so we could open it together.  It was priceless; it was a picture of a smiling 'Rad in a wooden frame painted with his hand and foot prints in white, red, and green paint.  There was also an envelope of pictures of our little guy, happy and playing at daycare.  It was totally unexpected and completely awesome.

It's such an incredible relief to have a daycare provider that we trust, like, and who seems to like 'Rad back.  Z said that Amy's mom even offered to watch Connor for free if we ever needed an evening babysitter as long as we dropped him off at her place.  If we were ok with paying a fee, either of her twin teenage sons are happy to drive over and watch him since they seem to have a soft spot for the little guy.  At almost 4-months old he's already making an impression, a good one.  That's my boy!

Like I said, we're heading home for a very my-family Christmas.  I love going home, I love going home for the holidays even more, and I'm ecstatic about going home for the holidays when I get to see my entire family including my sister who lives in Denmark.  I feel so elated when I think that in just a few short days we'll all be together around the kitchen table talking too loud, eating too much, and playing games of Scrabble that extend over days.  That is the environment I want 'Rad to grow up in and have fond memories of - all of us gathered in the kitchen eating Filipino food and talking and laughing and giving each other a hard time.

I pretty much have the car packed with my huge yellow duffle bag, 'Rad's smaller version of it, a box full of miscellaneous items, Z's backpack, the bouncy seat, the bebePOD, our garment bag, my breast pump, Blue's food, the pack-n-play, the diaper bag, my bag of cross stitch (still need to get the last one done on the ride over!), and my purse.  I feel like I've done pretty well with my half-day off, so it's time to finish it up and officially start my vacation.  Have a great holiday with yourself, your loved ones, and your little one if you have one!

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KristinG said...

That is truly an awesome gift! You are so blessed to have a great daycare provider...having been through the ringer with nannies and me on this! Wish I had something like that for the times when I've been away from Lola. Hope you all have a great first Christmas together!!