Thursday, June 09, 2011

Am Pregnant, Will Travel

I got called a "fatty, fatty 2 x 4" today because my belly filled the space between me and my neighbor while we shared some friendly banter. It was said in good-humor, but after it was said I had an internal "Huh?" moment. Jooner and my belly are definitely growing, but is calling a pregnant woman "fatty" ever appropriate? Ah well, it's more of an observation that me actually feeling offended.

How can I be down when we're heading to warmer climes in about 24 hours? Well, we all know how the weather has its pull on me, and the past few days have been dreary and cold so I'm really not as chipper as someone heading on vacation ought to feel. Walking around the house with the gray sky pouring dimming light through the windows, cool air coming in through the door to the porch, and nothing on tv, I'm feeling lonely.

It's strange how at times being pregnant has made me feel lonely. Maybe I'm saddened by the ending of an era even though it will be in lieu of something exciting and great. Maybe I'm saddened by life's progression. Even though I would never want to be young forever or immortal, I'm incredibly sentimental and the ending of anything - be it a box of Thin Mints or the waning infanthood of my nieces and nephews - can make me feel a little down. Maybe all of this feeling, whether it's down or up, has to do with pregnancy hormones. I can't tell anymore.

You know what would make me feel better? A little juvenile distraction:

I first saw these at Target and thought they were cool (they're just a thin-skinned bouncy ball that can bounce up to 75 feet in the air. So they say). But then I found myself thinking about them more, and when we went back to Target I had to pull one out of the bin and play with it while we were in the store after which I deposited it back in its proper place before checking out. I still don't possess one, but you can bet I'm still thinking about owning one.

All of this is not to say that I'm not getting kicks out of Jooner. He is a mover and a shaker, so much so that he'll levy an unexpected kick that will make me squeal. I don't think he's had any hiccuping episodes (they're supposed to be common around now), but I'm ready for them. Zach assures me that my stomach is getting bigger. For me it's just plain ole big, like my hair. Still big, still getting a kick out of it! I hope my little boy likes the waves, because we're going to be heading out on them on Saturday. Catch you when I get back!

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