Monday, April 04, 2011

Bringing the Outdoors, In

I did a little online browsing last night for the nursery. I didn't pack anything up in the to-be nursery (currently the office) or move things around or put things away. I did the thing that required the least amount of energy: sat on the computer and clicked around. But I am proud to say that my searching was fruitful, and I've found some definite wall decal contenders for our woodland-themed nursery. The finalists (and honorable mentions):

The front runner (from tweetheartwallart's Etsy shop)

Very cute and on theme, but a little too large (from singlestonestudio's Etsy shop)

I love the 'shrooms on this one (from 41 Orchard)

This one feels "fresh," but I miss the deer when I look at this (from janeymacpress' Etsy shop)
This is my absolute favorite (also from 41 Orchard)! Except, I'd remove the words. Alas, it's too short for my liking.

I'm slowly starting to pack things up in the office, but until that's done our primed walls will remain unpainted, and the horrid blue carpet will live to see another couple of weeks. Until them, I'm dreaming of getting these fun little extras to really bring the "Woodland" theme to life:

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Emilie said...

Love so many of these things. I have no decorating skills so I'd probably get a little of everything and it would just be a jumbled mess. I do love your theme.